History Channel Experts Can’t Identify Cube-Shaped Object Captured by Pilot on Video

In February 2020, a pilot whose plane was flying over Medellin, Columbia captured a strange cube-like UFO on his cellphone video as it zipped past him.
Three History Channel experts on its show, The Proof is Out There, deemed it to be an authentic UFO, and probably not a hoax —  or any sort of balloon. One of the experts, a scientist, commented that it might be some sort of alien probe, scouting our planet ahead of possible future contact.
Others Disagree
Still, others disagree and contend the object is nothing but a simple helium balloon released during a festival that occurred around the same time.  They also point out that the pilot wrote that “it may” be a balloon. BBC’s Science Focus states that a helium balloon can fly as high as 33,000 feet.
But History Channel states in the video that this is rare because the cooler higher atmosphere makes such balloons break. I also wonder if many festivals fly dark gray balloons. Nevertheless, since there is no definitive proof one way or the other, as the History Channel pointed out,  I’ll simply say at this time the object is unidentified and an interesting catch.
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