Latest Greatest UFO Image Captures – Seeing Is Believing

As a UFO researcher, I get frustrated with the many Computer Generated Images (CGI) that crowd UFO forums daily.  I think many of these images are simply hoaxes to fool and some are created to generate click bate, while others could be part of a covert disinformation campaign. All of these conclusions are tough to prove and therefore are pure speculation on my part.
So, in order to give you an alternative to such UFO Images that are CGI fare, I have perused hundreds of MUFON and few individual UFO images that I think — at least — deserve some attention. I cannot say any of them is the real thing, but I can say some of them look as though they have not been staged and are genuine. You decide.
I plan to do this from time to time.
Here is my latest hand-picked batch of UFO photos:


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