Dr. Reed: The Story of a Kiʟʟed Dog and a Wounded Alien

In October 1996, a certain Jonathan Reed, who called himself a psychologist doctor. He went out for a walk with his dog, a golden retriever named Susie, as usual. Dr. Reid lived in a private home in Seattle, Washington, USA. He did not just walk the dog along the street, but went with her towards the neighboring forest, beyond which the Cascade Mountains began. Before Reed and his dog entered the forest, something caught the dog’s attention. She became alert, and then barked wildly and ran for the trees.

It looked as if she had smelled prey, most likely some wild animal. Usually Dr. Reed ignored this, thinking that Susie was chasing a squirrel or a rabbit. But then he remembered that on the morning of the same day he also went for a walk with Susie in the forest. And nearby in the thickets I noticed some large animal, similar to a bear. When Reed thought that Susie could smell the bear, he again heard his dog growl and some noise. It looks like she’s attacking someone. He became very alarmed and ran in that direction.

Reed claimed that when he jumped out into the clearing, he saw his dog growling and barking at a strange humanoid creature standing on the ground. According to him, the creature was about the size of a 12-year-old child and was dressed in some kind of one-piece seamless black overalls. The humanoid stood and “vibrated” strangely, and then suddenly rushed at Reed’s dog. He grabbed it and with a single swoop tore the poor animal in half.

After that, the humanoid looked in the direction of Reed, who was frozen in place from the shock, and then “at high speed” ran towards him. Reed was scared, but he was a strong man and had time to prepare for the attack. As soon as this creature approached, he hit him with a large stick on the head with all his might. Then the humanoid staggered and fell lifelessly on the grass.

Reed is in the woods at the scene showing how he hit the alien with a stick

When Reed felt him, he did not move and looked completely dead. And then Reed heard a low humming sound somewhere nearby. Reed went looking for the source of the noise and soon came across a large black object with a smooth surface similar to obsidian. Soaring in the air right above the ground. He apparently had a small video camera with him. Because he stated that he was able to photograph this object in the forest.

A black triangular UFO captured by Reed.

The air in this place was as if charged with electricity, as before a thunderstorm. But, nevertheless, he still decided to cautiously approach the object in order to touch it. Then the buzzing suddenly stopped and the whole clearing fell into silence. Then Reed returned to the place where the dead alien and his dead dog lay.

After some thought, he decided to take the body of the alien to his home, wrapping it in something (not specified). At home, he put it in the freezer. The next day, Dr. Reed examined the creature’s body, filming it with a camera and video camera. At some point, the alien blinked and let out a scream, proving that it was still alive. According to Reed, he recorded this moment on tape (later it turned out that the scream was recorded only as audio, not video).

Footage of the alien’s body, captured by Reed

Further, according to Reid, he noticed through the window that some “white vans with people” were standing near his house. who are watching him. The alien being then miraculously regained full consciousness. It broke out of Reed’s house and fled towards the forest. Reid ran after him, and when, after an unsuccessful search, he returned home, he found that everything had been dug up in the house. And that all his photos and videos with the alien are missing.

                                                                                                                              Photo of an alien taken by Reed.

According to Reid, he had only a few materials left, which he hid better than the rest. He further claimed that mysterious people began to follow him constantly. Once they even shot at him. Luckily wounding only his shoulder. This made him fear for his life and for several years kept silent about what had happened to him. When Dr. Reed finally came forward with his outlandish story, he made a lot of noise among Ufology fans. Causing much speculation and controversy.

He appeared on many radio broadcasts talking about his case. Including in the program of the researcher of anomalous phenomena Art Bell. He also gave presentations at UFO conferences and even wrote a book called Link-An Extraterrestrial Odyssey. He published part of the photos he had with the alleged alien and even a video. Which also caused a lot of controversy regarding their veracity. Not surprisingly, for many years this story was very popular in the US.

But then, one after another, more and more skeptics appeared. Who began to “dig up” this story. And in the end they came to the conclusion that there is a large percentage of what is just a hoax, a fake. First and most suspicious was that “Jonathan Reed” was not his real name at all. And in fact, he was Jonathan Bradley Rutter, a fact. Which, however, he immediately recognized. But he immediately stated that he changed his name to hide his identity from the mysterious pursuers. Which, as he believed, and then continued to follow him.

He also initially claimed that his dog was simply torn in half by an alien. But later he added that the alien, after he killed the dog, also “burned” the animal with something. Leaving instead of her remains only a pile of ashes. Another remark was that at first he said that the object in the forest was in the form of a “thorn”. But he later said that it was “like an obelisk”. However, all this could be called rather petty nit-picking.

Worst of all, he didn’t have the slightest proof that anything he said ever happened. And, although he claimed that he had a few scraps of alien clothes and some biological samples. Which he managed to hide from the “observers”. He refused to give them to anyone to study and analyze. He even claimed that the few people he allowed to look at them “disappeared” or “were Kiʟʟed.” Again without any evidence to support this.


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