Contactee Believes The Moon is Artificial and Was Brought Here from a Distant Galaxy

Contactees are persons who claim to have experienced contact with extraterrestrials. Some claimed ongoing encounters, while others claimed to have had as few as a single encounter.

Alex Collier claims to be a ‘contactee’ with a race of Nordic looking humans from the constellation of Andromeda. He has had a number of contact experiences since his childhood and this developed over the years as he was given more and more information by his Andromedan contacts.

Alex asserts that our Moon is actually the interstellar transit ship brought here from another solar system. It held an experiment conducted by the grey aliens and their reptilian rulers – those who genetically-engineered us.

Illustration of the Andromedans

Fluke or not, most Sci-Fi writers proved to be quite visionary, if not foretellers. The book “Letters from Andromeda”, the brainchild of Job Robinson and Alex Collier speaks about telepathic conversation with alien beings coming from the Andromeda Galaxy. An ancient being called Moraney from the constellation Zenetae, beamed important information to Collier, disputing the lies spread in our history books.

The Andromedans disclosed the deceptive way humans are being governed, the lies that are present in our every day lives without our consent or even awareness. We are being told nothing about the real universal concerns, much less about what is actually happening in our Solar System.

Moraney’s biggest announcement pertained to humanity’s true history and a secret base on the Moon. Earth’s satellite held a vital role in our genesis, but far from anything we have been taught so far.

The Moon was brought from the constellation Ursa Minor – 432 light years from Earth – to serve as a transit ship for reptilians, human-reptilian hybrids and the first generation of human ancestors to settle on Earth. Our moon reached our galaxy dragged by an asteroid that is thought to cross our galaxy every 25,000 Earth years.

Moraney also revealed that our Moon once orbited the 17th planet of the Chowta star system, home of the Andromedans. What we see today of the Moon are actually the remnants of a 6.2 billion years-old cosmic vestige called Maldek, a remembrance of the long-forgotten war between the tyrannical Grey aliens of the Orion Empire.

According to the information transmitted to Collier by the Andromedans, we are here because we were delivered by an ancient extraterrestrial civilization surpassing our Sun in age.

To sustain this audacious theory, we need to address speculation. Rumors have it that on the lunar surface, recent missions detected the existence of some unknown chemical compounds, and that discovery was entirely covered up. Collier had his restraints on this matter, but Moraney’s telepathic communication confirmed all doubts:

The Moon is hollow. It contains huge underground facilities built by E.T.’s and later humans from Earth. There are seven openings into the Moon’s crust, and the underground bases.

“Conservative scientists have wondered why so many craters seem so shallow, despite their size. The Andromedans say, it’s because much of the surface was built on top of a metallic shell of a circular space crest; or “A War Carrier”, as the Andromedans describe it.”

The craters on the Moon are a pertinent hint to a trained eye, for their depth does not match a straying cosmic body, but a consistent shape pressing against the layers of lunar dust and rock, but since we are alone in this galaxy, who is to blame for the so called craters?

The answer comes from the Andromedans, who tells of cities and spacecraft hangars found on the far side of the Moon, that were destroyed in a war over 113,000 years ago, leaving behind only marks we see from our planet.

The Greys guided the first exploration mission of these ruins back in 1950, when a team of NSA astronauts allegedly reached into a lunar underground facility the size of New York, right underneath the Jules Verne crater. Inside the facility they discovered the remains of a violent battle, seeing pieces of reptilian bodies spread all over the place.

“When the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, the World Order had been there for some time,” Collier wrote. This knowledge and technology was withheld from the lower levels of NASA and our military. NASA has been used as a blind to keep people from truly knowing what was going on there. The astronauts were silenced under threats and remain so today.”

Since then, the World Government maintained a lunar population program starting with 36,000 handpicked people. The colony is estimated to reach 600,000 occupants in the near future.

The masters of the entire operation are the Greys, but they rarely interfere directly, but rather send their messages through a group called the Black Monks. Originally human, the Black Monks have been drastically modified to serve the Greys’ needs and can ‘no longer be considered Earth humans.’

aliens dna

One step back in the hierarchy are a group called the Blue Moon, who serve the Black Monks, comprised of American, British, Russian and French representatives. These groups hold control of the moon bases and under their command are two organizations: Alpha One and Alpha Two. Collier had reasons to believe that Alpha One was assigned with gathering resources on Earth and keeping the population gullible.

The Andromedan Moraney told Collier that Alpha Two is actually MJ-12, the notorious group tasked with recovering and investigating alien craft. If this is true, the organization we believe to be in charge of such covert projects is actually at the bottom of the ladder, and this ladder runs much higher than we previously anticipated.

To this day, Collier’s allegations are yet to be proven, but completely denying their implications would be unwise.

The far side of the Moon is forever hidden from sight, and even if a number of ET bases were located there, we wouldn’t be able to see them from Earth. But Alex Collier is pretty adamant about his enlightenment and the forbidden knowledge he was blessed with by the Andromedans.

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