Our Space Saviors: Why Aliens Don’t Like Nuclear Weapons

Aliens obviously don’t like earthlings’ nukes.

Not only do they warn people of their danger at the first opportunity, but they themselves work to stem the nuclear threat.

The Vietnamese “Hiroshima” did not take place

Are aliens keeping the United States under control? In 2010, a press conference was held in the United States by six retired Air Force officers who had served on missile bases. One of them, Captain Robert Salas, said he and many other servicemen had repeatedly observed unknown flying objects over bases.

Salas in particular evoked the appearance of such an object on March 16, 1967 above the base of Malmstrom, in Montana.

“It was the day I was on duty,” he says. – A large cigar-shaped UFO with a bright red light appeared over the base at four in the morning and hovered for nearly 30 minutes above the Minuteman nuclear missile silos. And 15 minutes after his disappearance, it turned out that the triggers of all 10 missiles were out of order.

Subsequently, Pentagon experts were unable to determine the cause of these malfunctions. A week later, the same object appeared over the base, which also caused the rocket mechanism to malfunction.

Salas’ message has aroused particular interest among ufologists.

In 1967, it finally became clear that the United States was losing the Vietnam War. Their troops fell back to the south, suffering huge losses of manpower. To change the situation, the Americans need the explosion in Vietnam of one or more atomic bombs.

Secret consultations have taken place within the government and the Senate on this subject. At the same time, as expected, a new meeting between representatives of the American intelligence services and extraterrestrials took place.

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According to many researchers, such contacts have been taking place regularly since the mid-1950s, when the government of President Eisenhower entered into an agreement with representatives of one of the space races.

At a meeting in 1967, the possibility of using an atomic bomb in Vietnam was discussed. Aliens categorically oppose it. But the American government hesitates: the army suffers colossal losses, the morale of the troops is almost at a low point and soon, there will simply be no one left to attack.

Seeing that the persuasion was not working, the aliens threatened to cripple all of America’s nuclear weapons. They carried out their threat on March 16, 1967.

Minuteman nuclear missiles were disabled not only at the Malmstrom base, but also at other similar facilities. Robert Salas, at the aforementioned press conference, said that on that day the missile mechanisms at the Oscar Flight and Eco Flight bases, adjacent to Malmstrom, failed and UFOs were sighted overhead. these basics.

American ufologists are convinced that it was this event, and not humanitarian considerations, that prompted the American authorities to abandon the nuclear bombing of Vietnam.

A nuclear bomb is a ‘headache’ for aliens

The very concept of “UFO” entered the daily life of humanity at the same time as the advent of the nuclear age. Already in July 1945, in the sky of Alamogordo (New Mexico), during the tests of the first atomic device, a flying object was observed, which was taken for a Soviet spy device.

Since then and until today, UFOs have always been present at major nuclear tests and missile launches, regularly appearing over bases and missile silos, escorting nuclear bombers and nuclear submarines from fight.

UFOs don’t just observe, they also attempt to influence terrestrial nuclear weapons. This episode of March 16, 1967 is far from being the only one.

A similar phenomenon occurred in 1963 at an atomic bomb test site in Texas. The disc-shaped plane, hovering almost motionless in the sky, a second after pressing the red button, descended rapidly towards the site of the future explosion, then took off again and disappeared at high speed.

The explosion only followed after 3.5 minutes. Experts could not explain the delay, as the main equipment and backup equipment were both fully operational.

The incident in the 50th division of the strategic missile forces of the USSR, in the Carpathian region, was widely publicized. In October 1983, several UFOs appeared over the division’s location. For almost four hours, appearing and disappearing, they moved at a speed inaccessible to terrestrial technology.

At one point when they appeared, the signal lamps on the control panel of the division’s main checkpoint suddenly flashed. The automatic control system of the entire missile system immediately went into action, and the program for launching nuclear missiles at targets in the United States was inexplicably activated.

But such a launch could only take place after receiving a confirmation code from Moscow. There was no code, and the system shut down automatically after a short time.

It turned out later that at the same time, in the United States, at one of the missile bases, exactly the same incident occurred. During the appearance of the UFO, it worked on its own, then the missile launching system was disabled.

It can be assumed that the aliens tested their equipment, designed specifically to neutralize the combat potential of Earthlings.

The Dangers of Nuclear Weapons: Why Aliens Don’t Like Them

The answer might be that extraterrestrials have witnessed the enormous destruction wrought by nuclear weapons and are aware of the long-term environmental damage they cause. Research has shown that the effects of nuclear weapons can last for decades, even centuries in some cases.

Nuclear testing, for example, has been linked to increased rates of cancer and other health problems in affected areas. Foreigners may also be aware of the psychological trauma caused by nuclear war, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as the economic effects, such as the cost of cleanup and compensation for those affected.

Also, foreigners may be aware of the geopolitical implications of nuclear weapons. Countries that possess nuclear weapons are perceived as more powerful and influential than those that do not, which can lead to an unbalanced distribution of power within the international community.

It is also possible that extraterrestrials are aware of the potential risks of nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands and being used for malicious or terrorist purposes.

It’s also possible that extraterrestrials don’t like nuclear weapons because they risk causing a nuclear winter, that is, a period of extreme cold caused by dust and debris released into the atmosphere at following a nuclear explosion. This could have devastating consequences for our planet, including crop failures, famines and the extinction of certain species.

Finally, it could be that extraterrestrials just don’t like the idea of ​​humanity using nuclear weapons to resolve their disputes and conflicts. After all, nuclear weapons are designed to be used against other people, which is inconsistent with the values ​​of peace and cooperation that are so important to the development of any civilization.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why extraterrestrials don’t like nuclear weapons, whether it’s the environmental, economic and psychological damage they can cause, the risk of nuclear winter or the geopolitical implications of nuclear weapons. their presence.

Ultimately, it is clear that extraterrestrials are likely strongly opposed to the use of nuclear weapons and that this opposition is likely based on a deep understanding of the risks and consequences they pose.

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