The body of a small alien has been discovered in Bolivia

This case took place at the end of March. It all started in the town of Huarina, La Paz, Bolivia, when several people reported seeing a UFO in the sky, glowing with a green light….

Reports then began coming in from the same area that people had seen very small humanoid creatures, presumably aliens, “running around the city.”

Then photos and videos surfaced on social media showing a tiny, presumed-dead “grey” alien lying somewhere on the outskirts of town.

The creature appeared motionless, and many immediately said it was some kind of papier-mâché doll. However, those who saw her personally claimed that she was real.

Many local media outlets and social media groups posted the photos, but when they went to look for them, the alien corpse had apparently suddenly disappeared.

Furthermore, the town of Huarin, where UFOs and small beings have been seen circulating, is located in the highlands of the Andes, near Lake Titicaca. This lake is the highest navigable lake in the world and is also considered a “hot spot” for UFO activity.

“Peasants were alarmed to find the remains of this strange being in a Bolivian village. The strangest thing is that the “extraterrestrial” has disappeared”, wrote the media Nuestro Diario on its Twitter account.

An eyewitness named Rita Marquez claimed that her neighbors personally saw a UFO land, and they also observed small aliens exit the craft and run through town.

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None of the witnesses indicated what type of beings they were, merely describing them as being small or miniature. “They were miniature creatures, like these little men who are children,” Marquez said.

Some have even compared them to goblins, but that doesn’t help clarify the matter, as in folklore goblins come in different sizes, ranging from the size of a palm tree to that of a person.

Bolivian ufologist Juan Carlos Aliaga told local media that he also received a photo of a dead alien and that citizens “know everything”, so the case will be investigated. thorough investigation.

The incident regarding UFOs and aliens in the city even caused panic, to the point that the police had to intervene, asking citizens not to talk about the alleged alien visit.

It was also reported that someone from the regional tourist office went to Huarin on a “fact-finding mission” and promised that further investigations into the alleged aliens would be carried out.

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