This Weird Papyrus of Tulli Displays the Return of Ancient Gods in Massive Flying Objects

While most of us have heard of “The Real Cannon” and “The Stone of Palermo,” very few people are aware that “The Papyrus of Tulli,” an ancient Egyptian text, even exists.

Many people believe that this papyrus is a modern translation and reprint of an old Egyptian document that proves the reality of UFOs.

Some claim that the “Papyrus of Tulli” is the earliest work of Egyptian literature to make mention of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth.

This article goes into great depth on the many UFO sightings that took place during Thutmosis III’s tenure.

This papyrus belonged to Professor Alberto Tulli, the former director of the Egyptian Museum. According to legend, the papyrus contains the first evidence of serious UFO encounters in ancient Egypt.

The most astonishing part was the “fire-circles” that twice crossed the sky over Egypt. The important UFO incident allegedly occurred about 1480 BC, under the reign of Pharaoh Thutmosis III.

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