“The Call 4: Samara Resurges” wins official trailer; watch

Paris  Films  announced on Tuesday (14) the arrival of the fourth chapter of the famous horror franchise “The Call”. Samara ‘s return   to the big screen with “O Chamado 4: Samara Resurge” is scheduled for April 27 in theaters and already has an official trailer and poster.

Directed by Hisashi Kimura, “The Call 4” was rethought to attract generation Z, the feature updates the story of Samara, who is now invoked by cursed videos disseminated over the internet — for those who don’t remember, in previous films the entity appeared when someone was watching a certain VHS tape.

Image: Paris Filmes/Disclosure

According to the synopsis, now, people who watch a  cursed video  suddenly die. These deaths occur all over Japan and Ayaka Ichijo (Fuka Koshiba), an extremely intelligent graduate student, will try to reveal the mystery behind the contents. Check out the trailer below!

In addition to Koshiba, the cast includes Kazuma Kawamura, Mario Kuroba, Hiroyyki Ikeuchi, Yuki Yagi, Naomi Nishida and Hiroyuki Watanabe. The screenplay is by Kôji Susuki and Yuga Takahashi.

The original of “The Ring” was released in 2002 and won several awards, such as the Teen Choice Award: Best Horror Film and the Golden Trailer Award, also in the same category. Adapted from another 1998 feature of the genre, “Ringu”, the production marked generations and became a classic. Originally, the story of “The Ring” was based on the book Ring, by Koji Suzuki.

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