According to Russian scientists: “Antarctica is not what we have been told”

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We recently discovered that everything we know about Antarctica may be false… apparently.

There is no denying that Antarctica is the most enigmatic continent on Earth, a vast area of ​​ice that covers the South Pole of the planet and is inaccessible to most people.

We have all heard of this extreme land. The fifth largest continent in terms of land area is Antarctica. There are only a small number of scientists there who have built scientific bases, and it is almost never visited by humans. Visitors who had the guts to venture to this place were rewarded with stunning scenery and a unique experience.

However, some researchers believe that not everything they have said about Antarctica is entirely accurate. apparently.

The United States government and the Russian government, in Russia’s opinion, have kept the true nature of this situation top secret. So far, no one has disputed it.

A hidden continent under Antarctica?

The revelation by Russia that there is another continent in Antarctica buried under the ice has aroused the interest of numerous notable world leaders. Many people think that this area has been the secret home of an ancient civilization for many centuries.

Russian researchers have discovered hundreds of lakes under the Antarctic ice. The fact that the water in these lakes was not frozen and appeared to be fresh water is another amazing fact. For more than 10 million years, it has been kept secret and alone. It took these scientists ten years to drill through the ice to get to the largest lake below.

People wonder why governments chose to keep this crucial discovery secret given the ban on visiting Antarctica.

A strange creature under the ice of Antarctica

Dr. Anton Padalka claims that the terrifying creature, known as Organism 46-B, was found by him during a Russian scientific expedition to an underground lake.

A large octopus with 14 arms, according to the scientist, is what the creature most closely resembles. As they looked around, they came across this creature. The creature is extremely dangerous. Due to the strength of its poison, it can paralyze people from more than 50 meters away. Evidently, one of the scientists was killed by this creature.

Scientists studied the creature after it was caught and placed in a tank, concluding that it was similar to the mimic octopus. It is said that he possesses the octopus’ ability to blend in, but he also has shape-shifting abilities that are beyond imitation. He wants to investigate its abilities and poison. The existence of organism 46-B has refuted the idea that huge creatures live under the ice and the ocean.

It makes sense that everything would be kept under wraps given that ability. What else could be buried under the white continent is now a mystery to us.

Do you think there is life under the ice? Do you think there is something important that they hide from us?

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