They reveal for the first time the best photo of a UFO, hidden for more than 30 years

They reveal for the first time the best photo of a UFO, hidden for more than 30 years


In 1990, an unusual photograph was taken in the United Kingdom. The photo was so clear that it caused fear to show it publicly. Because of that, she was under secrecy for three whole decades.

British authorities have released their best photographs of what they have classified as a UFO for the first time. The images were hidden for 30 years, but a recent journalistic effort has managed to make them public for all to see. The history of photography: the “Calvine” case

This UFO sighting took place on a hillside near the Scottish town of Calvin. One such event occurred on August 4, 1990, when an object was detected in the sky.

The two boys saw something on the horizon: a huge UFO about 30 meters long, the two boys quickly hid when they saw it, but the thing didn’t move. So they took the opportunity to film what they were thinking.

The young people then try to post the pictures. They took the photos to a local newspaper, the Daily Mail, but something happened: a newspaper worker contacted the Ministry of Defense and the photos have been censored ever since.



A researcher named David Clark managed to get the negatives of the photos taken in 1990. In addition, it was learned that the intention was to keep the photographs hidden until the year 2076, but they were managed to be removed before.

Details of the sightings were also discussed. Apparently, none of the flying objects came close to where the young man was. He is still there, in the perfect position to photograph him.

It remained apparently immobile for more than ten minutes. Right after, she suddenly shot vertically. Also, the speed of this new action is quite fast.

The two young men managed to take some photos. In addition, at that moment a plane passed by, “it may be observing strange UFOs.” In the photo you can see a small silhouette of that plane in the rear area.

What happened during these three decades with the images?

There are many doubts. It is believed that the Ministry of Defense did not want to scare the public. Furthermore, it is speculated that the aircraft that flew over the UFO came from a military establishment, this adds to the speculation.

In any case, this photograph she had taken on social networks. Of course, people have come up with all kinds of hypotheses and comments. The idea that the Earth is visited by extraterrestrials raises a lot of curiosity.

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