A mysterious object appears to open a portal near Saturn and is captured on video by an expert

Multiple conspiracy theories claim that we are not alone in the universe and that, in fact, the inhabitants of other systems have developed intelligence superior to ours and that is why they have managed to go unnoticed all these years.

However, there does not seem to be irrefutable evidence about these claims, but videos have been recorded that make people consider this information.

A really amazing event

A person was recording  Saturn  with a Nikon camera. Everything was completely normal, only the planet and the stars around it were observed.

What happened on Saturn

Image taken from the video.

However, after a few minutes of recording, something completely incredible happens, which shocked not only the person who was filming it, but also everyone who saw the video later when it was uploaded to YouTube (video at the end of the article).

In the video you can clearly see when a strange object that was traveling at a speed practically impossible for the laws of physics, passes by Saturn in an incredible way and behind it leaves a kind of orange light, which after a few seconds degrades the colors to white.

The object disappeared from view, however, the light remained next to Saturn for a few more minutes.

Has a portal to another dimension been recorded on Saturn?

Another image taken from the video.
Another image taken from the video.

After the release of the video, it went viral and from it began to originate numerous theories about what happened.

The incredible thing is that not only fans of this subject, but also scientists, claimed that it was a portal to another dimension that originated on Saturn.

This is a topic that has definitely attracted a lot of people’s attention and has been the focus of countless inconclusive explanations.

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