Black Mysterious Triangular UFOs Near ISS Filmed Directly by Astronaut

On February 21, 2019, an astonishing event occurred that has reignited debates on the existence of extraterrestrial life.

An astronaut on board the International Space Station (ISS) filmed three unidentified flying objects (triangle-shaped UFOs) passing by the station in what appears to be a formation.

Distance between objects in space could be miles apart yet still in formation!

The video footage of the UFOs was captured through the ISS viewport and lasted only a few seconds. However, upon closer inspection, the objects seem to be black in colour and triangular in shape. They seemed to materialize out of the emptiness of space! Something intriguing is these objects passed the ISS in a straight line and disappeared in seconds.

You can’t say that these are drones or swamp gas let alone satellites because satellites don’t come in the triangle flavour!

The possibility that three pieces of space debris flew by the ISS in a straight line and looked identical is close to zero. This suggests that the objects are either part of a highly advanced piece of military technology or they are bonafide real unidentified flying objects.

To suggest that these objects could be advanced extraterrestrial spacecraft is looking more and more likely. With what we know now, the slow-moving UFO disclosure program adds up to quite a big deal.

This is not the first time UFO sightings have been reported by astronauts on the ISS. Sightings have been frequent and consistent over the years. NASA has released many images and footage highlighting these UFO sightings but has done little to explain their origin. It’s common knowledge amongst UFO researchers and probably NASA employees because they too have eyes…

And that’s the most frustrating part of the whole ISS live feed cameras catching objects near the station. It’s the lack of acknowledgement and why these guys have been put on the UAP disclosure team is beyond all rationale! But not if you know nothing about what’s going on. I suppose NASA would be the first choice of lots of people who know absolutely nothing about the history of UFOs turning up at the ISS and the cameras have been turned off.

Even when they come back on NASA says nothing. Putting NASA on the UAP task force or whatever it’s called this week is the worst decision for Ufology because yes, as a matter of fact, they cover up UFOs and the proof is ample. Too much proof exists that they deliberately hide their knowledge of UFOs.

In conclusion, this footage of the mysterious black triangular-shaped objects captured near the ISS raises many questions about what is happening beyond the planet that we know as home. Whether it is a secret government project or a sign of extraterrestrial life, it is exciting to imagine what else lies beyond our world. We just want answers to the NASA footage. Yes, it’s NASA’s own UFO footage! Crazy.

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