Some Identify Object Streaking Across New Orleans Sky As UFO

A reader has emailed me a short video of an unknown object streaking across the New Orleans, night skyline in 2011 during an NFL football game.
To me, the object could be many things: a meteorite, perhaps an animal, aircraft, drone, insect — or even a UFO.  This is what the anonymous sender thinks, followed by the short video clip:
“During the past fifteen years or so there have been several instances in which live television cameras – during newscasts or sporting events, for example – have captured anomalous aerial objects flying or streaking through the field of view.”
One of the most spectacular occurred on October 23, 2011, during a Colts vs. Saints football game in New Orleans, broadcast by NBC. After a commercial break an NBC camera was focused on the St. Louis Cathedral near the stadium when two multi-lighted cylindrical UFOs streaked past the cathedral spire at tremendous speed. Luckily for us some viewers who were recording the game spotted the objects.
Incredible as it might seem, the explanation given by some “experts” was that they were conventional aircraft distorted by the long distance between the camera and the cathedral.

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