NASA Researcher Claims: “We Live Inside a Matrix Powered By An Alien Race”

Nick Bostrom is one of NASA’s most prominent scientists. He claimed that all humans live in a simulation, and that an alien species keeps us at bay. While he made a Matrix reference here, he soon clarified that both the image and the reality of our lives must be different.

In the film, we see that our bodies are just liquid-filled tanks. However, Nick says that we don’t have any body in real life because we are only particles of our brain distributed over the brain’s network. Rich Terrile also agrees with this view, claiming that in the next ten or so years we will be able to produce a digital simulation that is of such magnitude.

Is it so unbelievable to think that this could have happened in a more sophisticated culture? Terrile uses Moore’s Law to refer to Terrile. This law states that computers have a doubled capacity each year. On this basis, we will soon be able to count every living human being and reproduce it at will in approximately 80 years. We are staring at a dark world, but it is the reality that we live in.


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