Astronomers record a huge “unknown object” near Saturn

What does Saturn hide? What happened near him? Those would be the questions that astronomers would ask themselves when they saw what was happening through their telescopes.

Many claim that “a huge spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin” was observed and recorded by the American Archimedes Observatory as it passed close to Saturn.

The video of this supposed spacecraft, which appears to be of great proportions, was seen and then recorded thanks to the highdefinition telescope of the Archimede Observatory located in the United States.

After filming, video showing the massive alien craft was analyzed by astronomers who say they are stumped about its nature.

“It is surely a non-human object,” confirms Professor Avi Loeb , professor of astrophysics at Harvard.

But even ufologists are convinced that our solar system is full of alien spacecraft passing close to gas giant planets like Saturn or Jupiter.

The video images recorded by the Archimedes Observatory were analyzed, and it was established that the huge object that passes close to Saturn’s rings is as big as Earth.

A massive alien ship or is it the supposed planet that is destabilizing the solar system and the Earth?

All UFO enthusiasts will have heard of Dr. Norman Bergrun, a scientist and engineer who worked at NASA.

In his book he claims that there are huge alien spaceships stationed between the rings of Saturn and that they may become dangerous for Earth and the rest of the solar system.

In the book, Bergrun discusses photographs of Saturn’s rings taken by the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1980 and 1981.

He then details his theory that the rings were formed by giant electromagnetic vehicles (EMVs) that could be controlled by intelligent beings.

He claims that the 7,000-mile-long elliptical craft orbit and orbit Saturn and within the rings, but are not visible because they possess cloaking technology.

Later analyzes by Bergrun and other researchers suggest that the same or similar spacecraft are in orbit around the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus.

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