“Aliens will not come in peace” , according to expert

A UK ufologist recently delivered unpublished information about aliens after studying them for 45 years.

Lately the subject of UFOs and aliens has been very present, after several sightings in the North American skies. Now it would be a ufologist, a person who is dedicated to the study of these alien beings to the planet, who would have declared that the visit of the aliens would not be favorable for us humans.

Malcolm Robinson has dedicated himself to studying these beings for 45 years and currently has ten books on these subjects.

He also founded Strange Phenomena Investigations, the oldest organization dedicated to the study of paranormal activities and UFOs in Scotland in 1979.

After all these years collecting information, the British expert assured that the aliens would not come in peace.

Won’t the aliens come in peace?

In a conversation with the Daily Star, the ufologist referred to UFO sightings (unidentified flying objects) and the existence of aliens.

Regarding the aliens, he assured that according to the large number of kidnappings, these beings “would not be peaceful.” Robinson assured that these beings would be similar to those we see on television, having skulls and large eyes.

“They are small infantile creatures, about 3-4 feet tall with translucent bluish-gray skin, large pear-shaped heads with wraparound inky black eyes. There are no signs of genitalia,” said the expert.

The ufologist also referred to the first abduction of UFOs that he investigated in 1992. It is about a couple that was “kidnapped” by these beings while they were on the road.

Within days they began to experience headaches and memory loss, so Robinson decided to intervene through hypnosis.

After one session, the abductees recalled that “three small entities took them to a flying object and kept them there for some time.”

This is why the expert believes that aliens have an “agenda” to come, and that this visit would not be very favorable for our species.

“There is no doubt that the UFO enigma is real, very real, it has been with us throughout time. We see this in renaissance paintings and ancient cave paintings, these strange shapes and entities,” Ronbinson said.

The man spoke that although the large proportion of objects that are seen in the air have natural causes, the 1% that has no explanation is the one that he and his coworkers are dedicated to investigating.

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