Photos Of Mysterious Pyramids And Ancient Statues On Mars That NASA Doesn’t Want You To See

The pyramidal buildings and sculptures that have been discovered on Mars are one of NASA’s many secrets, much like there are sedimentary particles in sand. Many astronauts and conspiracy theorists have been able to comprehend that there is no longer any evidence to support the existence of any of these buildings.

When these buildings are displayed to the public, it is clear that they have been altered, yet weird features are still discernible in the pictures taken by the Curiosity rover.

These structures were apparent in images taken by the rover. What is Joseph White’s opinion on this? Expert on satellite imaging Joseph White said that the rover’s photographs had been modified. He stated: “NASA is taking every precaution to destroy these photographs, and what they are doing is altering the form and size of any aspects that would imply artificial fabrication in order to destroy all data,” a source said.

What was David Childress’s viewpoint? One of the most prevalent ideas nowadays contends that the Martians we have been searching for all along are actually us. This really makes sense since every planet goes through a life cycle that includes creation, growth, and annihilation. Why not then imagine that Mars was our home planet and that we relocated to Earth after it completed its last phase or at the very least ceased to be habitable?

The Red Planet’s modifications would have wiped out our old civilization, making it more likely that the buildings stated above are real and are from Earth.

David Childress said: The presence of several Earth-related buildings, including Stonehenge and pyramids, standing stones, and standing stones may be discovered on Mars.

If we examine the notion that mankind originated from Mars, it is not at all implausible, given that we are now searching for a way to travel to other worlds where we can adapt. Who knows, maybe we will succeed in doing this.

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