Ex-Google Engineer Claims Humans Will Achieve Immortality In 8 Years

Ray Kurzweil, a former Google engineer,  stated that in eight years humanity should achieve immortality.  According to him, this must happen due to the rapid advance of Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to him, the key to living forever will be the creation of nanorobots that will reverse the aging process.


The futurologist says that the turning point  will be when the “singularity” happens. This is the term used for the moment when Artificial Intelligence will surpass human reasoning capacity, which will provoke a rapid transformation in society. He predicts that this process will start in 2029 and should be completed in 2045.
Hand holding DNA

As for immortality, Kurzweil believes that by the year 2030, we will be able to “increase human life expectancy” by “more than a year every year,”  which will eventually result in eternal life.  He said nanobots created with the help of AI will have the ability to repair damaged cells and tissue that deteriorate as the body ages. This would allow humans to become immune to the passage of time, overcoming death from natural causes.

Kurzweil believes that  in the future computers will be implanted in human brains and modification will improve individuals.  In addition, he claims that the belief that machines will dominate humanity is wrong and says that a human-machine synthesis will be created that will help the species to progress in all areas.

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