The Aliens Who Made Humanity Are Coming Back To Earth

Are the aliens who created mankind coming back to Earth? The Raelian movement contends that the response is a resounding yes.
The public should hear what the Raelian Movement has to say. The alien scientists who created all life on Earth gave it to its spiritual leader, RAEL, more than 45 years ago. It is a massive collection of knowledge about our past, present, and future.
A representative for the Raelian movement, Leon Mellul sat down with Dean Caporella of Aliens Revealed Live to further explain this astounding message.
We shouldn’t be shocked if extraterrestrials reveal themselves to the world at some point in the future.
After all, they have been torturing millions of distinct individuals for countless years.
The millions of people who have had personal contact with aliens throughout the planet may not be surprised by this message given that many of them have been living their own secret alien disclosure for a very long time.
But because of the way the Raelian message is presented, I predict that although some people will embrace it wholeheartedly, others will reject it.
There is little question that the messenger, Maitreya Rael, has caught the interest of the ufo-believing world because of his initial meeting with a race of extraterrestrials known as the Elohim.
The Elohim initially came into contact with Rael on December 13, 1973. He was waiting for them in a volcanic crater in the French Auvergne.
In October 1975, he encountered these E.T.s once more. This time, it occurred in the French department of Perigord.
What did they let him know? They stated during the initial encounter that life on Earth wasn’t an accident, but rather something they made.
In their second encounter, Rael was transported aboard an E.T. vessel to their world, where he was introduced to some of the greatest prophets in human history.

When will these alien visitors arrive?
I guess from now till 2035. Many people will claim that they can’t arrive soon enough given the current state of the planet.
Mellul claims that Rael has complied with the majority of the requirements they made before to leaving.
First, he needed to mobilize people and convey the messages he had been given. The building of an embassy close to Jerusalem is one wish that hasn’t been fulfilled. The world’s political leaders will formally meet the Elohim here.
According to Mellul, these extraterrestrials do not wish to dominate mankind. They desire an invitation.
We must recognize that these individuals are not divine. They aren’t deities.
“These people are full of love, thus we need to improve our awareness to accept their civilisation,”
They’re not trying to harm us. They do not intend to conquer Earth from this location. They could do it whenever they wanted, if they wanted to.
And we are not here as invaders or as warriors, but just to be aware of this message and to greet them with love.
They don’t want to impose themselves because of this. They desire an invitation.
Because we can now understand, they will arrive between now and 2035. It’s time for us to become more mindful. We must cease murdering and hating one another and start loving one another.
“And I believe the moment is right now.”
Rael has been informed by the Elohim that they wish to meet with the world’s political leaders. But do they even know that an embassy is being constructed as a welcome to earth for them?
Certainly, they are aware, adds Mellul.
“At the moment, they are still reluctant to inform their support bases of this. First of all, people could panic. Since this will come as a shock until people can understand it, some individuals may rebel.
We are teaching and spreading this message because of this.
And by promoting this message of welcoming the Elohim all around the world, the Raelian movement has been doing a “hell of a job.” They’ve been doing a terrific job of elevating our awareness, spreading the word about love on Earth, and trying to stop mankind from destroying itself.
“Well, we’ve been giving information files to governments all around the world.”
“Daniel Turcotte, one of the project’s leaders, has been doing a fantastic job disseminating information to the governments of the globe.”
“For many years, I have been occupied with writing letters to various countries, especially the government of Israel. Every Knesset member in Israel is aware of this. They are aware, for sure.

I addressed Mellul with a very important query that frequently incenses people in the religious community.
What transpires when the Elohim declare that they are our creators in front of the world?
Well, that’s something I’d like to see.
“The Elohim created us, as the Vatican and many presidents know.”
“Listen, I think people will be aware enough when they arrive if we build this embassy, which is the third temple.”
“Our political leaders will design a different system from the one we currently have and guide people toward peace, love, and understanding. And the populace will be prepared. Some, of course, won’t be and will rebel. Others, though, will see the Elohim’s approach and will acknowledge them as our Creators.
“There is no God if they acknowledge the Elohim as our creators. God’s enigma has been solved, and humanity will be prepared.
Of course there will be revolting individuals. Fans of each faith can be found. Will the population of these individuals be majority or minority? I’m not sure.
What will occur? They’ll either be able to comprehend or they won’t, which is probably the case.
Are we prepared to receive the aliens that created humanity? What do you believe?
Many people have said that they have had contact with extraterrestrial beings and have received knowledge and direction about the future of mankind. I questioned Mellul about what distinguishes or elevates Rael’s contact with the Elohim from others in the conversation that followed.
I also requested Mellul to elaborate on Rael’s initial encounter with the Elohim. He recounts about his second encounter and his journey to the star system of the Elohim.
And he discusses passages in the Bible, particularly Genesis, where the Elohim played a significant role in human history.
Your ideas about who we are and our origins will be challenged by this interview, which is thought-provoking.

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