The Woman Who Said She Had A Child With An Alien Akon

Interview with Elizabeth Klarer in which she talks about her intriguing claims that she was kidnapped by aliens, carried to the planet Meton, and even gave birth to a hybrid child with her alien partner “Akon.”
South African lady Elizabeth Klarer made the claim that she spent around four months on a Proxima Centauri world, fell in love with the extraterrestrial who brought her there, and even became the first woman to describe having sex with a person from another planet.

One of Ufology’s most captivating tales, Klarer repeatedly insisted that everything she had claimed to have experienced—from her travel through space to her falling in love with and bearing his child—was real.
Elizabeth Klarer led a rather busy life before being abducted by aliens; she served in the Royal Air Force during World War II and had a passion for meteorology, aviation, and music.
She made the astounding claims that she was kidnapped by an alien named Akon who arrived from Meton, a planet of Proxima Centauri, some 4.3 light-years distant from Earth, in 1956, when she claimed that her life had been flipped upside down. Elizabeth Klarer even created a painting of what she described the appearance of her alien partner “Akon” to be.
When Klarer was brought back to Earth after spending four months on the planet Meton, she stated that her hybrid kid had to remain on the planet and that she and “Akon” had a son together.
She said that she experienced cardiac difficulties after returning to Earth, which she attributed to the magnetic fields on the planet Meton.
According to Elizabeth Klarer, “Akon” and the others claimed to have informed her they were from Venus and had lived there before the planet transformed into a chilly rock. They relocated to the planet Meton and are presently residing there after Venus’ demise. They allegedly informed her that there were several Earth-like planets while they were Venus residents.
When the extraterrestrials realized that home planet would soon become hostile, they fled, using the Earth and the Moon as rest stations. They said that Venus perished as a result of a shift in its orbit and going too near to the Sun.
She said that while she was an extraterrestrial abductee, she discovered that Venusians still maintain bases on Mars, the Moon, and even the Earth. They visit all of these worlds frequently, and some even exhibit a sense of responsibility for Earth’s inhabitants.
Elizabeth Klarer created a book titled Beyond The Light Barrier as a result of her encounter with people from the planet Meton.
She tried to spread a message of kindness, love, and peace via her book. describing her conviction that this material is being purposefully withheld from public exposure by the highest authorities worldwide.
Nearly all of the well-known alien contactees from the 1950s and 1960s have letters in the extensive Parthenon communication file at AFU. The creator of the Parthenon publishing business, Edith Nicolaisen, had the goal of trying to publish and translate as many books on extraterrestrial contactees into Swedish as she could. The 23 letters in the Nicolaisen-Klarer communication file date from 1956 to 1976.
Elizabeth allegedly took seven pictures of the flying saucer on July 17, 1956. After reading the item in the Flying Saucer Review, Edith Nicolaisen promptly addressed an email to Elizabeth Klarer, who responded on February 7th, 1957.

When writing to other contactees throughout the world, Edith Nicolaisen was a little more frank than she was when writing to Elizabeth. In her second letter to Elizabeth, she provided a lengthy overview of her own life experiences, which was something she was often reticent to do. It said in one letter. “You know, George A. has frequently claimed that “the brothers” from other worlds walk among us, and I do believe that I have encountered one in Stockholm and one at Copenhagen.

George once told me that they had a highly distinguishing attribute, and I think I can name it. In Copenhagen, the latter may have been either 40 or 400 years. I’ll attempt to muster up the guts the next time to speak to this kind of gentleman.”
Beyond the Light Barrier is a novel that Edith Nicolaisen must read, and Elizabeth Klarer expressed her hope that she would be able to publish it at Parthenon in her final letter to her on November 27, 1965. But Edith never responded, putting an end to our 20-year relationship and letters.
I rymdskepp över Drakensberg, Klarer’s first book, was published in a second edition by her, although the second book was not mentioned. Edith quickly cut off the link without trying to comprehend what had happened to Elizabeth Klarer or voicing her thoughts or inquiries.

Elizabeth Klarer’s tale is certainly intriguing, but it is still unclear whether it is true or not.

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