Our Planet Is Actually “A Disputed Reservation of These 6 Alien Races”

Scientists have been able to discern between a range of extraterrestrial societies that have collaborated with military forces to decide our fate without consulting us thanks to hundreds of sightings, abductions, and first-hand experiences. These assertions were all backed up by historical documents, folklore, abduction survivors, and other sources.
The Zeta Reticulums, usually referred to as the Grays, are well-known extraterrestrials who are frequently portrayed in popular culture. They are in charge of the majority of alien kidnappings.
Most legends describe them as being 3 to 5 feet tall, with bulbous heads, and huge, black eyes. Despite having a mouth, they rarely talk since they usually interact telepathically. As a genetically modified labor race, the tall Grays are anticipated to dominate over the small Grays.
They could develop a sort of hive mind awareness due to their telepathic talents. The short Grays are cruel and soulless since they were genetically created to do scientific tasks. They also developed the idea of a hybrid race comprising humans and grays.

The Sirian people, who originate from the Sirius B star system, are both old and highly developed. They have transmitted their wisdom to the human civilizations of their choice throughout history.
They are said to have helped the ancient Egyptians by imparting their knowledge of astrology and medicine, which helped them build the enormous pyramids and temples. The Sirians were a mysterious South American culture with which the Mayans had a unique relationship and exchanged knowledge. It is said that extraterrestrials from Sirius B helped the Maya flee.
The Atlanteans were said to have profited from the Sirian presence and that the Sirians were crucial in directing rescue efforts during the terrible catastrophe that drowned Atlantis.
The Dogon tribe of West Africa is the most known illustration of how the Sirians affected other civilizations. The Sirians, who were formerly more active on our globe, are now more subdued in their participation in technology exchange programs. They are frequently cited in connection with the creation of covert or unusual weapons as well as time travel research.
The Gray Masters, who stand 7 to 8 feet tall, typically serve as the mediators in conflicts between human and extraterrestrial forces. Any international diplomatic agreements between shadow governments always have them present.

They originated from a star system in the constellation of Orion, according to sources. The Tall Grays supervise all abductions and human experimentation, though they are rarely present. They like to use their Short Gray slaves. They seem dedicated to creating a dependable human-gray hybrid species that can inherit the earth. They are a highly developed species that has no regard for human life.
These reptilians, who are said to be native to Earth, are frequently mistaken for the military caste of the Alpha Draconians. The little that is known of this species indicates that they were left behind as the AlphaDraconians set out to colonize Earth.
They have dealt with us for many years, occasionally helping us but often treating us like a commodity. They hold positions of authority and can be found in practically every facet of human existence.
Reptilians control our institutions and organizations by using our elites. They created the banking system and have authority over all religions. It’s thought that the species of subterranean reptiles has sway over all industries, including the media. They are responsible for a disproportionately large number of crimes against humanity.
Scientists claim that our solar system contains a 12th planet, which some have called “Planet X.” Nibiru is the name of this planet, which is situated beyond Pluto.
This planet has an eccentric orbit that rotates clockwise rather than counterclockwise, unlike any other planet in our solar system. Tradition holds that Earth was created when Nibiru impacted another planet in our solar system (Maldek).
The Anunnaki, who initially landed on Earth and colonized it, now live on this planet. They arrived on Earth with the goal of obtaining gold and other minerals in order to create a tiny colony with an idealistic culture. The Anunnaki once inhabited the planets in the Orion solar system before coming to Earth.

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